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The aim of this website is to supply the plastic modeler and historian with some basic colour and markings information regarding South African military equipment through the years. It also supplies information regarding our books, posters and decals. Corporate gifts can be made on request using our researched colour profiles.

What’s New

22 September 2014. I am busy working on a new website for SA Colours and hope to have it up and running by no later than the end of October.

07 July 2014. Good news is we have been able to get a new printer who will give as the same quality printing at a reduced price, this means that you can expect a price reduction in our cover price from Issue 9.

20 May 2014. Book 8 is now available, first come first served.

20 Apr 2014. SA Colours and Markings Book 8 is currently at the printers and should be available by mid May 2014. Get your name on my list for a reserved copy.

Book 8 Front Cover 10 -01

14 April 2014. Good news - SA Colours and Markings Book 8 is complete and has gone to the printers for printing, with all the holidays coming up no promises have been made about availability, all I can say is that it will be soon.

02 March 2014. Exciting news during the first two month of the new year. We have the new SA Colours & Markings Book 8 going to the printer during March. We are also working on a book for the Polish Printer “Model Centrum” on “SAAF Fighters of WW2” and my new book “Modelling Modern South African Armour” should be available possibly towards the middle of this year. As new information becomes available we will keep you informed.


23 December 2013. On behalf of Myself, Piet and Stefaan, a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Good news at the end of this year is that we are in negotiations for the development of a new book called “SAAF Fighters of WW2”, watch this space as new info becomes available. Good news is that we are putting the finishing touches to our “SA Colours and Markings Book 8” which we hope to have printed early in the New Year. More to follow during Jan 2014.

11 November 2013. Checkout our new website at:

25 August 2013. Sales of the History of the Marmon-Herringtonare going well. However you need to order as soon as possible so as not to be disappointed. They are disappearing fast. I have added some model pictures received from Bruce Green and have added them to our model album in our Wikialbum. Some comments to our books have also been added to the 6 Div Book section.

22 July 2013. I can now confirm that the awaited stock of Marmon-Herrington books have arrived and are now available at R600.00 per copy excluding postage. Books will also be available at JIX and the other hobby shops soon.

08 July 2013. More computer issues, lost my external hard drive, lucky I made a backup about a week ago so I did not lose too much information. I have nearly recovered most of the lost information. Still awaiting deliveries of my Marmon-Herrington book, as soon as they arrive I will post a notification and deliver to the model shops.

26 May 2013. I have been on vacation for three weeks to Knysna. Then had some computer issues, so I decided just to reformat and install Windows and all the programs, this is usually the least frustrating of all the fixes. Also had the Swartkops airshow on the 04th of May. Good to have seen some of the regular friends and to catchup on all the latest news. I also attended the Voortrekker Monument book launch and had as table for SA Colours & Markings, sold some books as well. Currently still awaiting stock of the Marmon book, I will post a notice immediately when they are available.

01 April 2013. I have added the details and information wrt our new book, Marmon - Herrington, A Histrory of the South African Reconnaissance Cars€¯. More details under - Books - 6 Div.

04 February 2013. The new year also brings new technology to our doorstep. Paging through a book with adverts I came across a hand scanner. Having seen one or two imported models in action and seeing a reasonable price tag I bought one from our local Incredible store. Putting it to the test has produced very good results, ending with a 600 dpi scan and not a multi-mega pixel photo. I have now replaced my trusty Fujifilm camera I have used for photographing documents with the Copycat scanner and I can report that I am more than pleased with the results.

Thumb -03Thumb -02Thumb -01Thumb -04

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24 December 2012. This year has certainly disappeared with speed. Seasons Greetings to all our followers and customers. Herewith the reference section update with links to our WikiAlbums which has stacks of photo’s you should be able to use when building you models - direct links:



Other: :

A happy and prosperous 2013 to you all !!

03 December 2012: Good news from Model Centrum Progress with regard to my Marmon-Herrington Armoured Car Book, herewith a quote from their E-mail:

I have today met our exclusive distributor. It is decided that your book will be published as a single volume, 176 pages long. The distributor wishes to have the ready book by the end of January 2013, in order to announce and show it during the Toy Fair in Nuernberg that starts on 30 January 2013, Therefore the book should be sent to printing by the end of December 2012.

To ensure a copy start reserving your self a copy by sending me a E-Mail.


04 November 2012. A quick update, I have started loading my pictures to the WikiAlbum. Here you will also find some pictures from Marc Cilliers in Cape Town who made use of our books as reference in building his M4 Sherman in Italy model, well done Marc, it’s “excellent”. To add some words from Marc about his model:

    Herewith photies of my Sherman, I tried as much as possible to copy the photo in the book. It’s the old Italeri kit, not the best but there is life in the old dog! Just a few bits and pieces were corrected and suitable wheels added… I don’t know where the track comes from, but it was looking lonely in the spares box. The two angled spares boxes on the front fenders were scratched, the rest of the load covered in a tinfoil tarp, and the foliage securing wires added from fuse wire. The helmets are an interesting touch, they definitely look a bit lighter in the photograph, so may have come over from North Africa and are purposely on display as a “been there, done that” kind of thing. Note three helmets, one crewman came straight from the Union! At least that’s my story… The yellow triangle could be a bit bigger and I wish we had a better photo of the artwork on the hull side…. I purposely didn’t use too much dust, why obscure the detail? But more dust would probably be appropriate!




Thanks for the pictures Marc. Marc’s M4 Sherman pictures can be viewed by clicking on the first thumbnail photo or at: